ECG and Pharmacology

1 Day ECG and Pharmacology Course

ECG and Pharmacology


The Basic ECG and Pharmacology Course provides a systematic approach to the recognition and emergency management of bradycardias, tachycardias, supraventricular and ventricular arrhythmias, atrioventricular blocks, pacing, pacemakers and synchronised cardioversion.

The Course is designed for all healthcare professionals whose responsibilities require them to recognise and interpret life-threatening arrhythmias and ECG rhythms and to provide initial emergency care and appropriate pharmacological interventions.

The courses teach the knowledge required to identify and stabilise adult patients presenting with a variety of electrocardiographic abnormalities, together with the clinical and applied pharmacology relevant to cardiovascular emergencies. Numerous clinical examples and illustrations are provided to participants.

The instructor/student ratio per course is 1:16

Assessment and Preparation:

Participants will receive the American Heart Association ECG and Pharmacology student workbook beforehand, and must be studied prior to course participation; each candidate will receive an American Heart Association ECG and Pharmacology certificate upon completion.


Accredited by American Heart Association (AHA). In addition to 9 Continuing Education Units via the HPCSA